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 A regular season game.
 A preseason game.
 A playoff game (inc SB).
Superbowl game.
AFC Championship game.
AFL Championship game.
Divisional Playoff game.
Wildcard Weekend game.
Overtime played.

Opponents faced during the AFL Championship/AFC Championship games

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Pittsburgh Steelers31-2 (0.333)474715.6715.67
Seattle Seahawks11-0 (1.000)30143014
Buffalo Bills10-1 (0.000)351351
Baltimore Ravens10-1 (0.000)316316
Tennessee Titans11-0 (1.000)41244124
San Diego Chargers11-0 (1.000)34273427
Denver Broncos10-1 (0.000)17201720
Kansas City Chiefs10-1 (0.000)717717
Baltimore Colts10-1 (0.000)17271727
Miami Dolphins10-1 (0.000)10271027
Houston Oilers11-0 (1.000)407407
New York Jets10-1 (0.000)23272327

The Games

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19th January, 2003Tennessee Titans 24, Oakland Raiders 41
14th January, 2001Baltimore Ravens 16, Oakland Raiders 3
20th January, 1991Los Angeles Raiders 3, Buffalo Bills 51
8th January, 1984Seattle Seahawks 14, Los Angeles Raiders 30
11th January, 1981Oakland Raiders 34, San Diego Chargers 27
1st January, 1978Oakland Raiders 17, Denver Broncos 20
26th December, 1976Pittsburgh Steelers 7, Oakland Raiders 24
4th January, 1976Oakland Raiders 10, Pittsburgh Steelers 16
29th December, 1974Pittsburgh Steelers 24, Oakland Raiders 13
30th December, 1973Oakland Raiders 10, Miami Dolphins 27
3rd January, 1971Oakland Raiders 17, Baltimore Colts 27
4th January, 1970Kansas City Chiefs 17, Oakland Raiders 7
29th December, 1968Oakland Raiders 23, New York Jets 27
31st December, 1967Oakland Raiders 40, Houston Oilers 7

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